PasteAway at a Use Case

Collectorz Com

Can you tell something about your company?

At (CLZ) we create and sell cataloging solutions for collectors of movies, books, music, comic books and video games. Our software is available for 5 different platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and web, all syncing data through our own CLZ Cloud cloud-storage system.
Our customers are home users, some of them casual computer or mobile users, some tech-savvy computer geeks.

How do you handle support?

All customer support is handled by email, using Zendesk, 7 days a week. We do not offer phone support, for various reasons (efficiency, timezones, ability to consult with programmers, etc...). We receive between 60 and 80 new tickets per day. With running conversations included, that means over 100 tickets must be answered to each and every day.
Most tickets are handled by 2 team members, but if necessary all CLZ team members pitch in, through their own Zendesk account. For example, developers investigating bug reports, content managers dealing with content related questions, etc...

How does PasteAway help your support team?

For our products, we are getting a lot of similar support questions. Some are account-related ("I can't login", "lost my license key", etc..), some about using the software ("how do I ..."), others related to common problems or bugs.
Of course we try to prevent these recurring questions by improving our site, product and manuals, but still... most of the daily tickets are frequently asked questions....

PasteAway helps us to maintain a repository of response templates for these common questions. After that, the PasteAway clients make pasting these templates into our email replies super quick and easy. Some of us use the Zendesk app, others use the Windows and Mac clients so that they can use the same templates when answering questions on our user forum, on Facebook, Twitter, etc...

However, where PasteAway really shines, is the sharing of templates between team members. We continuously tweak and tune our canned responses (to make them clearer, fix typos, etc...) and PasteAway makes sure that once a template is modified, all team members are instantly getting the updated version. Our online template repository really is a constantly evolving knowledge base, managed and used by the entire team.

Why PasteAway?

Well, before we found PasteAway, we tried a lot of other solutions:
Local clipboard and text expander tools: nice and fast, but no easy way to share templates between team members.
An online wiki: this solved the sharing, but we lost the quick pasting offered by a clipboard. Also managing the clips was a nightmare.
Evernote: good sharing, easily manageable, but again: no easy pasting of templates.

PasteAway is the perfect mix: a cloud-based shared template repository, easily managed by multiple team members, combined with quick and easy pasting into Zendesk tickets or any other text box using the native Windows and Mac clients.

Some statistics uses more than 200 different clips which (all together) have been pasted 20,000 times in the last year. Consider this: each time a clip was used, this saved at least 20 seconds, probably much more, which accumulates to more than 100 hours saved!