Paste clips on any computer

Use the PasteAway Paster to:
  • Retrieve your clips from the cloud.
  • Quickly find the clip you want.
  • Paste it into any text box in any application.
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Manage clips online

Use the PasteAway web-application to:
  • Add new clips in your cloud database.
  • Easily modify existing clips.
  • Manage projects and team members.
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“PasteAway has changed the way we handle customer support and do business.
It's extremely fast and easy to use, and being web based,
it's easy to update and ensure our team is always on the same page.
We've used other software and it is nothing compared to PasteAway.
We'll be customers for life!”

Steve Eilers - Boost Marketing Group LLC

PasteAway Paster, your clipboard" pasting" tool for Windows & Mac OS X

The PasteAway Paster is a client app that lets you easily paste clips from your online repository into any application.

  • Automatically syncs clips with your PasteAway cloud repository
    All changes to the cloud repository (by yourself or by a team member) are instantly available in your Paster tool.
  • Pop-up, Pick and Paste Away!
    To use a clip, pop-up the Paster (using a keyboard shortcut you select), pick a clip and hit enter to paste it.
  • Super-fast searching
    Find clips quickly by searching your clip database by clip Key, Name or Tags.
  • Filter templates by Team and Project
    Make your life easier by only showing the clips for the project you're currently working on.
  • Automatically captures everything you copy
    Everything you copy to your local clipboard is automatically captured by the Paster tool, for easy selecting and re-pasting.
  • Easily add new clips to your online template repository
    Create new clips in your online clip repository by promoting captured local clips to the cloud.

PasteAway client for Mac - Search

PasteAway client for Mac - Search

PasteAway Admin, your online clipboard manager

  • Create and modify clips
    Add new clips to your repository and modify existing ones. Changes and additions are instantly available in your Paster app.
  • Assign unique quick access keys
    Quickly find specific clips in your Paster by assigning quick access keys that are unique within your clip list.
  • Set multiple clip tags
    Set one or more tags for each clip, to group them into categories and to help with searches.
  • Manage Teams, Users and Projects
    Create multiple project teams with their own users and projects. Manage access to clips by grouping them into projects.

Manage your clipboard online

Example use case: Canned email responses for help desk teams

  • Use clipboard clips for canned email responses
    Manage lots of response templates for common questions as clips in your PasteAway clipboard manager.
  • Paste responses into any email program or help desk tool
    Use the PasteAway clients for Windows or Mac to paste answers into any email program or help desk software. Or, if you use Zendesk for support, then use our native Zendesk app
  • Share canned response templates with your help desk team
    Easily make the response your write available for your entire help desk team or only for project members.
  • Read how uses PasteAway for Customer Support

PasteAway app for Zendesk - Search